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Tamarind Block (Imli/Tamr)

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Botanical Name: Tamarindus Indica L 
Family Name: Cesalpiniaceae
Commercial Part: Pods

We, at Moonlite help our customers to unearth naturally fresh, superior quality spices and give them spell bound magic in all their dishes. We are like a Spicy World that brings you the best spices and ingredients from all around the world. We love to travel throughout the world in order to purchase the finest quality spices available, and fully guarantee our products.

Tamarind block is one of the best products we vend with. These blocks of tamarind pulp are the tamarind fruit pods stripped of the outer husk and compressed tightly together.

Tamarind has multifarious uses; many Southeast Asian dishes just wouldn't be the same without a few healthy spoonful of sweet-sour tamarind. It is also one of the cardinal ingredients in Thai cuisines.

In Thailand and some countries in Latin America, you may see tamarind juice offered as a beverage. That beverage is nothing but water flavored with tamarind pulp.If you like the taste of straight tamarind, you can try soaking the leftover tamarind fibers in water for a refreshing drink or chewing on the fibers for a little snack!

The fruit of a tropical tree, tamarind is a paramount spice in most south Indian kitchens. Today, India is the only country which is producing tamarind at a commercial scale.


* Having tamarind pulp can help you prepare tasty Indian dishes like chutneys, curries, dals and many south Indian delicacies like Sambhar and Rasam conveniently and quickly.

* The tamarind block can also be used to impart tartness to certain pickles, especially those made with bland ingredients like greens or bitter ingredients like bitter gourd.

* It can also be diluted with warm water to acquire tamarind water, used to prepare appetizing drinks.

* Tamarind pulp blended with jiggery and cumin seeds results in a tasty chutney that goes well with snacks.

* Tamarind is the one of the indispensable ingredients in many Thai dishes.

Health Benefits

* Tamarind is a rich source of vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients necessary for vital health.

*  It is a good source of antioxidants that brawl against cancer and also contains carotenes.

* It is beneficial for treating fevers and common cold.

* Gargling tamarind water is advantageous in sore throat and also used to treat bile disorders.

* This spice condiment is also used as an emulsifying agent in syrups, decoctions, etc., in different pharmaceutical products.

* Tamarind pulp is an efficacious remedy for vomiting, flatulence, constipation and indigestion.

Most brands of prepared tamarind pulp in the market are too flimsy and watery. When you buy the watery prepared tamarind pulp that comes in a plastic tub, you get mostly water and exasperatedly diminutive amounts of tamarind for your money. But when you buy a block of shelled tamarinds from the leading exporters like us, then you get 100% tamarinds and no filler. So it makes your every penny count.

General characteristics: 
The dried Tamarind shall be
1. Obtained after removing the rind from the mature, ripe and dried fruit of Tamarindus indica 
2. Free from live insects, visible mould fungus, rodent excreta, artificial colouring and polishing, obnoxious odour, deleterious substances and other impurities except to the extent provided under special characteristics. 


Arabic :

Tamr al-hindi

Burmese :


Chinese :

Da ma lin

Czech :


Dutch :


French :


German :


Italian :


Japanese :


Spanish :


Grade designations and definition of quality of Dried Tamarind

Grade designation

Seed content percentage by weight (max)

Fibres percentage by weight (max.)

Rind percent by wt. (max.)

Insect damaged percent by wt. (max.)

Moisture percentage by weight (max.)







Standard Packing
The various packing which can be supplied in bulk packing are as follows. 
• 20 Kg Tamarind Slab x 1 Pcs = 20 KG in Master Carton
• 5 Kg Tamarind Slab x 4 Pcs = 20 KG in Master Carton
• 25 Kg Tamarind loose packed in PP Bags

Quantity Stuffed in FCL
20 FCL 18 to 22 M.Tons for Tamarind in bulk packing depending on the packing

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