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Welcome to MoonLite Foods Inc
Prescience is a gift. And when you combine it with skill and commercial acumen, the result is often breathtaking. That is the story of the Moonlite, a future spotter early entrant, market maker .
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Spices Grounded and Whole

Our Spices are sourced from the top grade quality spices growing areas. Spices are cleaned & ground under hygienic condition. Processing of includes Cool grinding to prevent the evaporation of volatile oils from spices, pure spices are blended in traditional & appropriate ratio packing is designed to retain the freshness of spices.

While the MoonLite Foods Inc has grown to become one of the most successful business houses in the country, it has stayed rooted to the guiding business principles and beliefs viz.

Moonlite offers a wide range of spice products:

Whole Spices

Powdered Spices

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