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Coriander Seeds

coariender seasoning calendar Coriander seeds are the commonly used spice around the world. They are small rounded and yellowish brown in color with longitudinal ridge in between two halves of a seed and are 1/5 inch in diameter with alternating straight and wavy ridges. Scientific name of Coriander seeds is Coriandrumsativum, and they come under parsley family. Coriander seeds are widely used for making Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines a charming delight for the food lovers.

Coriander seeds have a distinctive aroma of warm, nutty, spicy and orange-flavor. These seeds have a lemony citrus flavor when crushed. Also, they are theparamount ingredients of the spices used in almost all the Indian cuisine. Not only used as a spice in food but roasted coriander seeds are also used as a seasoning condiment. Roasted coriander seeds, also known as "dhania dal", are eaten as a snack in Middle East.Coriander annexesflavor in pickling brines, sausages, hot dogs, pastries, cookies, and are often mixed with peppercorns as an aromatic seasoning. It is substantiallyeminent as an ingredient in spice mixtures incorporate curries and the illustrious Indian seasoning "Garam Masala".
The early physicians used to use coriander for its medicinal properties, including aromatic stimulant.

Geographical Sources

The Russian Federation, India, Morocco and Holland aremajor producer of coriander seeds.

Medicinal Properties:-

. Coriander seeds are rich source ofprotein, Vitamin Cand Vitamin K which is good for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
. They work as a digestive system aid; coriander promotes liver functions and bowel movements.
. Coriander is very advantageous for diabetes patients. Since it stimulates the insulin secretion and lowers the blood sugar levels.
. Coriander carries anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it is good against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.
. Coriander's anti-septic properties help to cure mouth ulcer.
. As a home medicine, coriander seeds are boiled with water and drunk as medicine for common colds.
. Coriander is very good for the eyes. It can be a good remedy in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

Uses of coriander seeds

. In Scandinavian countries, coriander seeds are used to flavor sweet dishes such as cakes, cookies and pastries.
. Coriander seeds are a common ingredient in sausage, pickle brines, curries, and other spice mixtures. . Add flavorto pork, and sea food.
. In Indian cooking, they are loved for making flavor curries and chutneys.
. Used in the poached dishes like poached fish, poached chickens etc.
. Coriander is added to pancake and waffles to give them a Middle Eastern flavor.
. Coriander seeds are used in brewing certain styles of beer, particularly some Belgian wheat beers.

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Proximate Analysis
Moisture 12 % Max


2% Max

Purity 97% Pure Seed


5% Max

Type of Bags P. P. Bag


55.12 lb/ 25 kg or 88.18 lb / 40 kg

Type of Container 20 Feet


8 -9 Metric Ton.

Finished Product Specifications Coriander:
Identity Specification
Plant source Coriander, (Coriandrum sativum L.)
Plant Part  Whole Seed
Plant Variety CDC Linalool variety, high essential oil type 
Color Light Brown to Brown
Flavor Aromatic, typical 
Origin Product of  India
GMO Status Produced from Non GMO Seed
Growth Habits : A herbaceous hardy annual, of the parsley family, occassionally surviving into second year. Its height averages 60cm. Its erect slender stems are branching and bright green. The small pink, pale blue or white flowers are borne in compound umbels. The upper leaves are wispy and finely divided, the lower ones broad, undivided and trilobate
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